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Bungee fitness is a motion based, resistance training program that allows the needed buoyancy, provided by the bungee cord and harness attached at your hip, to perform exercises that you may not be able to do without assistance-no pain on the joints!  We use a combination of fitness training and a full body cardio workout that is high intensity all while you float weightlessly.


PLEASE NOTE: Bungee fitness has 2 safety restrictions... 39 inches at one location below your upper chest - through waist (somewhere between those areas for GITFIT to get a bungee on you I need a max of 39 inches to safely strap you in)

There is a weight limit for bungee participation of 270 lbs.  Harnesses and bungee cords will be adjusted to provide proper resistance, and harnesses do come in a variety of sizes, but for a safe and successful training session, the weight limit is 250 lbs.

Not there, yet? No problem, we will get you in our Trampoline classes and set our first goal for you to make it to the Bungee classes!



There are several body, mind, and health benefits of trampoline fitness.  Trampoline workouts  are meant to be a low-impact way to burn a lot of calories and can have great benefits for the lower body in particular. The idea of working out on a mini trampoline can bring excitement.  One of the most obvious reasons to take up trampoline fitness is that it only requires a small amount of your time for a large impact on your health. The GIT FIT trampoline leaves no room for you to say “I don’t have time to work out.” Studies have shown just working out 20 minutes on a mini-trampoline is like running for 30 minutes.


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