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Anxiety was my motivation, how to beat it and lose that weight that came with it. I packed on 65 lbs. I still have that last 10 to 15 to go. Had a string of runs to the ER with different issues...high cholesterol, border line diabetic, pancreatitis, debilitating feel this way everyday was depressing. I was finally motivated! Going to Planet Fitness Every day, meal prepping, cut cokes, cut smoking, cut back on drinking... COVID HIT & EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN Downloaded TikTok and saw these people flying and jumping for workouts...and to the internet I went. When it came in, it didn't fit but I had a trampoline to get started on. Got in it finally and started my journey. I knew I needed certifications and I was ready! Then everything fell in place! It was like a miracle but with a lot of hard but VERY FUN work. I knew I needed to get this available for my area. I turned to my hubs and said, "This is it!", "THIS IS WHAT WE ALL NEED!" This is what people will want. I had to sit my husband down and tell him I needed his help. I acknowledged that I had zero will power when it came to food. It was time to be honest with myself. Bungee & Trampoline fitness is a daily obsession with me. Helping others get involved in their fitness journey is beyond rewarding.

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Roxey's Right Hand Man

As a former competitive cheerleader and dancer, I am always on the lookout for forms of fitness that are upbeat and fun (anything with a good beat is a bonus!). I have found all of that at GITFIT Bungee & Trampoline Fitness! I was never the person who enjoyed working out. I tried going to the gym, walking with my sister -n- law and even bought a tredmill for my house. However, nothing was working for me. Additionally, I am married and a mom of three kiddos, so I am also always looking for a workout that is fast, effective, and fun! In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and we were all locked down I had become very depressed with my families’ vacations having to be canceled or rescheduled my life had turned upside down. I had gained weight which in return had caused high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I had also become pre diabetic. I was on medication for all these conditions including depression. My weight had got to 238 Lbs. and at this point I knew I needed to turn things around not only for my health but for my children. Dieting was hard it would work for a little bit, but I could not lose enough weight and keep it off. That is when I looked into having bariatric surgery. At this point, I knew that it was not the easy way out. I was going to have to change my eating habits and my fitness routines for this to work. It is a tool to help you lose weight not a quick fix. In January 2022 I found GITFIT Bungee and Trampoline Fitness. My friend had been doing this from her home and decided to open a Bungee Studio in our hometown. New to the bungee world but was excited to find something that was exactly what I had been looking for all along. I joke now about who would have ever thought I would end up as an instructor! I love the fast-paced classes, the music, and of course- the flying! One aspect I also love is the community that GITFIT represents. I love to lead others through fun and low impact workouts. Having the support of my jumper friends is what keeps me coming back. They are my fitness family!

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Danielle (Dani)


I am Mom, Wife, and a School Counselor who discovered GitFit while on my own weight loss journey. After having weight loss surgery in 2021 I was looking at increasing my physical activity and trying different workouts now that working out became easier. I took my first class at GitFit in January 2022 and fell in love with both bungee and trampoline but also the Yellowbird Fitness offerings! The classes started to become more than getting a workout in. They became my “me time” and a great way to care for my own mental health after spending all day at work caring for the mental health of others. I want to continue to learn and grow in my fitness journey and try all of the things! I want to focus on caring for the body that’s carried me through my entire life and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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I found my way to bungee after years of looking for the right fit for me. Before finding the workout that doesn’t feel like work, just fun! After my daughter was born, I was unhappy in my skin, so I set out to change it! After trying out several other workouts over the years, I started taking bungee classes at GitFit in January. I originally signed up for one class a week, but quickly upgraded my membership when I fell in love. Becoming an instructor was the next logical step for me and I am so happy I took this leap of faith! When I am not at GitFit, you can find me with my husband and two very active kids, reading, or dreaming about her next traveling adventure! I strives to help others find the joy of bungee because that joy is what keeps me coming back!

Christy Hayes


Christy is the Owner/Head Coach at Yellow Bird Fitness. She went to school for kinesiology/exercise science & nutrition and is certified in several formats. She currently leads REFIT®, REV+FLOW, Group Training & Boot Camp. Christy is a LP native and a former nomad with a need to experience all the things. Her job history includes: fire fighter, preK teacher and social worker. She also served in the US Army (where we suspect she got her “boot camp voice” from). She absolutely loves dinosaurs, dance parties, loud music, chips & salsa, and her jeep. Helping people find a place where they belong and can grow stronger body-mind-soul is what motivates her to give 100% every single day. When she’s not at the studio you can find Christy at one of her many volunteer gigs, at the softball field with her 2 daughters, or hanging out at home watching Jurassic Park. *Did we mention she REALLY loves dinosaurs?!

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